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heatherThe party continues at LuAnn’s home in the Hamptons! So, in last week’s episode we left off with Heather chasing after drunken Amanda. Amanda made a smart comment saying, “Get me out of here before I deck her.” referring to Heather. Once Heather had heard this, she immediately fired back. She started getting in Amanda’s face telling her to deck her. Heather is bad ass! The two kept going at it and Heather kept asking LuAnn to kick Amanda out. Then Amanda started to intervene with Carole and Aviva, who were also fighting. Heather then tried to get Amanda out of the room. Eventually Aviva and Carole got up after Carole said she was happy for Aviva and Aviva called bull. Everyone started to yell again for a minute and then LuAnn tried to change the subject by asking if anyone wanted fruit tart. Then, Heather started to call Aviva out on her bull by saying she goes after everyone and how she shouldn’t mess with someone’s career. Reid shortly got involved and he got pretty loud. As things progressed a little more, Heather had had enough! She told Aviva that no one likes her and that she has no friends. She also called her a “motherf#*ker.” On that note, the party was over.Aviva and Heather

The next day, Sonja had invited the ladies to a brunch. Heather did not go because her kids wanted to go to the beach and Carole went back to the city to work. So, Harry arrived and Sonja of course flirted with him. She was showing off her bathing suit body and everything! Then, being the jealous Sonja she is, she asked him who Amanda was. Sonja, don’t worry she doesn’t compare to you. So everyone shows up with their kids and husbands, except Carole and Heather. Poor Kristen! She has to deal with all this drama that she doesn’t even care about. Josh suggested that she got new friends (lol). Aviva and Sonja ended up going outside to chat. Sonja told Aviva that the women didn’t really like Aviva at the moment. Aviva also mentioned that she wished Ramona wasn’t in Africa, so she could have her. I personally find it funny that the two women that Aviva belittled in St. Barts are now her only friends. Mid way in the conversation, Sonja’s tooth fell out! Literally the funniest thing ever! She was talking to this older woman about what kind of denture cream to use!

Sonja's ToothAfter the Hamptons trip, it was then time for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade! Heather, Kristen, and Carole all decided to take a trip to the costume store to get their outfits for the upcoming parade. I absolutely love these three women together! So apparently, Carole has been named the mermaid queen of the Coney Island Mermaid Parade and she considers it one of her top 3 accomplishments. She is literally the best.

Aviva and Sonja both go to get some skin treatment done. Sonja thinks it will loosen Aviva up. So they both get this laser treatment and then after they both got these face masks that made them look ridiculous. The two, once again discussed the whole fight again and Aviva said Verbal Rapethat Heather and Carole are “verbally raping her.”

Then, Aviva and Reid took their children to a craft workshop for some arts and crafts. She and Reid then talked privately and she told him about an email she received from a childhood friend, Becky. Becky was present when Aviva lost her leg. The two haven’t spoken since and Becky wants Aviva to come back to the farm to see each other again. Aviva doesn’t want Becky to think it was her fault because she wanted to play on the machines. Aviva decides to go to give her closure and even to give herself closure. I really like this sincere side of Aviva.

Sonja decides to have her friend design her mermaid costume out of things she already has to save money. Obviously so she could have hot water (lol). So before her friend arrives Sonja quickly hid her vibrator. She is too much! When she arrived, the two quickly started to pull items out andSonja's Vibrator decided on red hair for Sonja a.k.a Red Sonja.

It’s was the parade day and Aviva is also on her way to go see Becky. Reid comes along as moral support. The two talked about the event and how nervous she was. At the parade, Carole got on her throne as queen of the parade and she looks great. Kristen and LuAnn then show up and get on a float of what’s supposed to be high school kids, but end up being drag queens. They decided to stay! Sonja then arrived. As the parade was going on, Kristen finally concluded that everyone most likely thought they were drag queens, being on a drag queen float. The ladies jump off mid way of the parade. They showed up to Carole being named queen of the beach and they guy callMermaid Paradeed her Caren! The ladie’s all go on the beach, including Heather who was a little late. They all did this weird, yet nice friendship thing.

Aviva arrived at Becky’s farm. This is really touching. Reid left to give the two alone time to talk. Becky feels guilty. Aviva lets her know that she saved her life because she turned off the machine. Aviva asked Becky to see the machine again to get rid of some demons and Becky is worried it might bring some back. The two headed to the barn with Reid. Aviva saw the machine and decided to face her fears by stepping on the machine. I’m actually proud of her. She also asked to turn on the machine to hear it. She was shocked that the slow-moving machine could do such damage. On that note, the show ended.Facing demons

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