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SurfWe are back once again with another week of the Real Housewives of New York! This episode was truly crazy! So Miss Sonja Morgan was putting on a cabaret/burlesque show in the Hamptons to raise money for an LBGT organization! All the ladies will be attending the getaway to the Hamptons except for Ramona because she’s in Africa! Any who, Sonja went to her rehearsals for her show and basically accomplished nothing. The only thing she really got done was doing some Ramona-inspired squats.

We then got to take the road trip with Carole and Kristen to the Hamptons. Carole admitted that she is not a Hamptons kind a gal, but she wanted to support Sonja and her “caburlesque.” The two women then joined Heather for a day at the beach to learn how to surf. They looked smoking in their bikinis and even better in their wet suits. This scene was very entertaining. Heather got up on the board and did great. Then, Kristen got up on her board and did awesome. Then, Carole floated on her board as the rolling waves drifted her to shore. After, Carole began to flirt with the young instructor. GO CAROLE!Pickles

Sonja finally arrived with her endless interns she has, one of them nicknamed, Pickles. The house she is staying in is a friend’s of hers. Also, I think Sonja admitted to not having hot water at her own home because she was excited for the hot water there. She is a complete mess, but I love her. She still has no idea what she is doing for her show.

Next, it is the day of Sonja’s “caburlesque.” The venue is huge! It’s a damn airplane hangar. The event is Great Gatsby themed. Kristen arrived draped in pearls with Josh, who wore a hat. Kristen finally met Harry, Aviva’s ex and she’s surprised he doesn’t look as good as she thought. Prepare yourselves because Countess LuAnn is back! She is greeted by Aviva and then meets Kristen. There’s also this familiar cameo, Amanda who is all up in the lady’s business. I do not trust/like this chick. Aviva then began to spill all the details about book gate. (Of course she would)

LuAnnThe next day, Kristen invited the ladies to a demonstration of her friend’s swimsuit cover-up line. Sonja arrived first with her intern Pickles. It wasn’t long before Sonja’s attention was on some guy that was relaxing by the pool. She went up to him and started to flirt. Heather and Carole also came by and then served by Sonja’s intern, Pickles. [LOL] Aviva was not present because she was out to lunch with Harry, Reid, and Amanda. [sigh] Then, Carole and Heather went to go sit down and Sonja sat Carole next to Aviva, so Carole and Heather switched the seats! Sonja began her “caburlesque” and she did pretty well! The bitchy cameo, Amanda made numerous remarks that were completely rude. Like “I need another drink,” or “That’s what menopause looks like.” Excuse me chick, but I would like to see you and your saggy boobs try to get up on that stage in that outfit. Don’t get me started >:/ !! When the show ended all the guest got on staged and danced and partied.

At the lunch with Aviva, Harry, Reid, and Amanda, the four discussed LuAnn’s BBQ party and Sonja’s performance the night before. Aviva tells Harry that he should not attend LuAnn’s party due to their past relationship, but Amanda suggests he comes as her date. No! UGH!Sonja

Then, LuAnn’s party began and all the women came. Sonja noticed that Amanda has been everywhere they have been and compared her to a bad rash! Yes! So the party goes on and Carole ends up taking LuAnn into the kitchen to apologize for their negative history. The party then went on longer and the ladies besides Carole and Heather talk about book gate once again! Then Aviva had this really strange reaction to Sonja’s drunken ramblings. She started to point at her and then she kissed her. Then, Heather and Carole walk in and the ladies begin to talk to them about book gate. Carole was so over it and so am I! Heather and Aviva started to go at each other and eventually everyone just talked over each other like an elementary lunch room. The random Amanda chick even got involved. LuAnn finally left because she was tired of the yelling. So as Carole and Aviva argued, Heather and Amanda started to go at each other. Does Amanda know who she is talking too? Amanda walked away because she was going to “deck” Heather. After hearing that, Heather got up and followed Amanda telling her to “deck” her. TO BE CONTINUED….








Meanwhile in Africa….







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