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RhocIt’s the third week of the Real Housewives of Orange County and we resumed last week’s episode at new girl, Shannon’s, home for a dinner party. The ladies and their plus ones sat down for the main course at Shannon’s and they began talking about relationships, etc. You could hear a pin drop on the floor after Shannon and her husband exchanged some negative remarks. Then the couples began to discuss how they met and Heather was rudely interrupted by Tamra and Vicki and never got to finish. A tour of the house was next on the agenda, eventually leading to everyone playing in Shannon’s indoor basketball court; except for Miss Malibu Country, Heather. The basketball must have not been designer. I like Heather, but she needs to let loose! Tamra and Shannon then went to take some shots. Heather took Eddie aside to discuss the dinner she had with Tamra and Shannon. She told him about Tamra’s feelings about having a child. I personally think that Heather had no business doing so. The tour then continued again as Shannon showed Vicki and Tamra a hidden tea room built for Shannon’s daughters. Heather then left early. She knows that Tamra and Vicki are giving her the cold shoulder. Eddie and Tamra then got some time to talk and Eddie told Tamra what Heather had told him earlier. Tamra seemed livid. As the night continued, drunken Vicki brought up the idea of a friends thanksgiving and offered to host. All the other drunken guests agreed, ultimately ending the night.Tamra

The next morning, Tamra visited Vicki and discussed the relationship between Shannon and her husband. They were comparing it to their aggressive relationships. Heather came up in the conversation and the two began to talk badly about her. They basically think she is stuck up, which she is.

Next, we got to visit the Shannon manor once again. Shannon and her husband, David, descended their chandelier from the ceiling to fix dome bulbs and ending up not fixing anything. I wish I had a descending chandelier in my home…Vicki and her daughter spend some time together with Vicki’s grandson. Vicki and Briana talked about Brooks. Obviously ever since the whole “you need to hit your wife” incident that Brooks pulled, Briana is not a fan of him and neither am I. Briana thinks her mom is still defending Brooks. Vicki mentioned how she seized all relations with Brooks and Briana called bull. Vicki said she would never date a man who is abusive and she started getting loud. Vicki then announced that she and Brooks are giving their relationship another shot. OH MY GOD! Is she stupid or is she stupid?Vicki

It’s friends thanksgiving time! Shannon arrived first at Vicki’s to help with the cooking Tamra then arrived just in time for Vicki to show her how when she calls Troy’s name, her grandson, he follows. (Which he didn’t…) As the ladies cooked a.k.a. Shannon, they discussed the whole stuck up Heather ordeal. They don’t understand why she has been so distant and rude. The husbands soon arrived and the feast began. They all discussed how the kids these days are so disrespectful and blah, blah, blah. Then Tamra said something about how it felt good that Heather was not there to scold her in her DR.Heather

Heather and Tamra then met for some lunch to talk soZ me things off. Heather mentioned how she felt as though no one cares to listen to her anymore and Tamra basically said that she has felt the same way with Heather. She told Heather that she seems to cut people off and talk as though she is a know-it-all. I thought we already knew Heather is a know-it-all, so why is this a problem now? I feel as though since Alexis left, Heather is the replacement. Heather basically told Tamra that she cannot change her personality and that as a friend she should accept her for her. She admitted to being fancy and all. Ultimately, Tamra and Heather made up, for now. Tamra ended up inviting Heather to an ugly sweater party a client of hers is having.

That is all for this week of the Real Housewives of Orange County! I hope ya’ll enjoyed this week’s blog recap. Next week it seems that we will finally meet new girl, Lizzie! Leavew comments below to share your thoughts on this season. Also, check out my Real Housewives of New York blog recap HERE! AND, check out Jon’s vlog coverage HERE and Eric’s audio blogs HERE! HILARIOUS!!! Also, please support YRR HERE!


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