Real Housewives of Atlanta Premiere Recap!


The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta is back! This episode was drama-filled and one thing is certain the ATL does not disappoint!

We start by catching up with Nene since the last season. Television roles have began to start becoming less and less for Nene but she’s not letting that get her down. As she points out, she doesn’t want any gaps in her resume. Therefore she has taken a recent job of hosting Cirque De Soleil.

Kandi and Todd are working on enjoying their marriage. We find out the newly married couple has actually not taken their honeymoon quite yet. Instead the two have been discussing a new child in the house. Before you get carried away it’s not a baby. Todd’s eighteen year old daughter is coming to live with them (Married now bringing in the baggage, can we say Momma Joyce was right yet? #Opportunist) Todd also believes that Riley (Kandi’s daughter) has been raised too sweet and like a rich kid. He thinks that they need to change this. (I’m sorry are you the father?)

Phaedra and Apollo, this is quite sad. Phaedra has done all but say that she is done with their marriage. She hasn’t returned to their home, nor was she at any of Apollo’s trial. She even went as far to not even write a letter asking a judge for leniency. Phaedra won’t let Apollo see the boys. She currently has them put up in a hotel. Apollo begs to let him see them before his sentencing because he’s afraid he’ll be sent to jail right away. Luckily for his sake, he’s given a little time before he has to start his detainment. However, Phaedra doesn’t back down.

Kandi is on Team Phaedra and therefore she’s very close and understanding of where Phaedra comes from. However, Todd sees things differently. He doesn’t understand why Phaedra acts the way that she does and he’s Team Apollo. (Why are these Atlanta men so dramatic? I swear they want to be holding a peach more than some of these women!)  

Snoozthia (I mean Cynthia) is still as boring as ever. She reveals to Kenya that her life is better than ever since cutting the toxic Nene out of her life. Since this Peter even lets her in on his business deals! Its like they are a real married couple now!

We relive the fallout from the infamou fight between Kenya and Porsha from the reunion. Kenya is still upset by it. She doesn’t understand why all of the other ladies ran to see if Porsha was ok after the altercation had taken place. Porsha on the other hand has put all of the drama behind her and has became fully focused on her career.

Apollo and Phaedra’s reunion does become a reality. However, it’s not a fairytale ending. Apollo is pissed at Phaedra for not being at his sentencing. Phaedra says that she is a lawyer and she doesn’t want her name attached to his. She’s fixing to be a single mother and will need to work.

What do you guys think of the season? Is Phaedra right in her actions? Let me know in the comments below!


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