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Strap in kids because this weeks edition of LCS Recaps is going to get a little bumpy and offensive. This show is quickly turning into a steaming pile of shit. The judges are obviously qualified to be the judges, but I’m just wondering what the hell they are thinking. I’m wondering what the hell Wanda Sykes and NBC is thinking in their production of this show. If it wasn’t for one certain comic and having to write this recap blog every week I would make better use of my time on Thursday Nights, like taking a welding torch to my knee caps, because it is becoming that painful to watch.

51Mzp5w6dAL._SY300_First up… was Jimmy Shubert. Those of you that don’t know Jimmy Shubert have obviously been living underneath a rock for the last 25 years or you don’t pay attention to comedy. Shubert is a 20+ year comic veteran and is highly respected in the comedy world. In all theory he should be one of the judges on this show, but I am glad NBC included him on this project. If you don’t know Jimmy may I suggest that you download his album “Alive and Kickin” off your preferred digital outlet. It will be some of the best $8 that you have spent on comedy. The part that really pissed me off this week is all the semi-finalist gets a mentoring session with Wanda Sykes and Amy Schumer. Sykes I get and this is probably going to get me in some trouble in the comedy world but…eh….Schumer as mentor? Sure she has some good comedy, but let us not forget this is the woman who has her own Comedy Central Show and hires other comedians to write for her…one of those being Kurt Metzger who was voted off last week.

So let me get this logic straight, Metzger is a good enough comic to write for a comedian, who is a “mentor” on the show, but not good enough to make the semi-finals? How about getting Louis CK as a mentor? That guy jams out a fresh hour every year, writes, directs and edits his show. Back to Shubert…here this comedy vet is that has enough material in his left pinky finger to blow Sykes and Schumer out of the water. Jimmy took it like a pro and the standup guy he is. However at home I was cringing. Watching these two give comedy advice to Shubert was like watching the Cub Scouts give combat advice to a five star general. Shubert did his set and did it well, talking about therapy cats on an airplane and I will not spoil the closing bit, but I am currently trying to trap squirrels.

mikevecchioneNext up was Mike Vecchione, a New York comic that I am slowly becoming a big fan of. Vecchione, had a solid set after his mentoring session. The only judge that really had high praises was judge Russell Peters who stated he had been working on a similar bit about the Baby Bjorn that Vecchione referenced. It should be known that Vecchione works some of the best comedy clubs in New York on a nightly basis and New York is no easy place to work.


Other highlights from the evening show Karlous Miller getting shredded by Sykes in his mentoring session. Miller gave a great set, a good bit on driving while under the influence of weed. Before this show I had not heard of Miller and he is becoming a favorite of mine.

149116_171411639551896_169736803052713_538089_6741510_nAida Rodriguez was the comic on week one wearing an annoying yellow white dress, which we learn in only 6 years of comedy is a regular opener for…drum roll…judge Russell Peters. Her mentoring sessions focuses more on her wardrobe than comedy. In week one Keenan Ivory Wayans suggested she tone down her wardrobe. Rodriguez delivers a decent set, nothing special, of course all the judges lover her. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is going to be your winner, not due to the ability but due to ticky tacky bs that goes on in the comedy world.

Other highlights include, DeAnne Smith “Tell It To My Balls” playing a catchy song about how we are all going to die…ironically so did her run on Last Comic Standing. Lastly was Joe Machi, the comic from week 1 with the squeaky voice (I still think it’s an act) his material is actually damn good; his voice is like listening to a preacher try to baptize a cat.

Who made it through?:


I actually agree this week with the majority of the decisions..I don’t like Rodriguez and Martin getting through… Vecchione should have been in this mix.

Next week is going to be painful, there is no one in the second part of the semi final round that I really care to watch. I try to get this recap out on Sundays…next week I can’t promise that…jk.



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