KUWTK Wedding Event Recap!


rs_560x415-140611145644-1024-kimye-wedding-kanye-west-kim-kardashian-jenner-ls.61014_copyAfter a week with no episode, the E network gave us no better way to spend our Labor Day holiday than with a two-night Kardashian finale event!

Kim and Bruce are having a father/daughter lunch where the topic of conversation is Kim wanting to shed her baby weight to fit into her wedding dress on time and that she can’t wait for the wedding to be over so she and Kanye can start working on another baby. On the topic of the wedding Kim also lets Bruce know that she only wants him to walk her down the second half of the aisle, she wants to start alone.

Later, Kim is over at Kris’ house where she is showing Khloe pictures of her wedding dress. Khloe is excited and compares her to Princess Diana. Kim is very offended at this comment. Khloe tries to make up for it but it’s a lost cause because Kylie and her friends already upset Kim. So what’s a bride-to-be do whenever you make her mad? Stick them in a ugly bridesmaid dress. Kylie is upset by this, cries and says that Kim is a bridezilla.

Kendall and Kylie fly to NYC to promote their new SCI-FI novel they have written and while there they attend a dress fitting with Kim. They gush over the dress, but Kim in true Kardashian fashion gushes over herself more.

In LA, Kourtney is struggling to try to find the right time to tell Scott that she is pregnant with their third child. She finally tells him excitedly and Scott is none to thrilled with this idea. He says that Kourtney keeps suckering him into the kids and it’s becoming more responsibility than he can handle. (Yes, people he literally said that.)

After Kim, Kris, and Khloe are over in Kourtney’s closet with Kim’s BFF Jonathon catching up and discussing the wedding. Kris says that she has offered to pay for Brandon and Leah’s transpiration to the wedding. Kim is so thankful for this. Saying that Brandon and Leah have been the most supportive siblings since the Kris and Bruce split.

Someone who isn’t getting their transportation paid for? Brody. He’s not laying down lightly either. He’s making everyone aware that Kris is playing favorites by paying for Brandon and Leah’s and then leaving him out to dry.

It’s time for Kim’s bridal shower. Surprisingly it’s very low key and nothing out of the normal happens. Scott then returns to LA from an appearance in Mexico he makes an apology to Kourtney about how he took the news and saying that he has just been going through some things and was trying to escape reality.

Kylie decides to get back at Kim for making her wear an ugly bridesmaid dress and putting neon blue in her hair. This freaks Kris out.

Next the family begins their wedding prep and makes their way to Paris. On the plane Kris jokingly makes a few comments about it being deja vu (referencing Kris Humphries.)

The second half of the finale begins and we get a disclaimer saying that the entire episode was shot by Kim and her closest friends.

The family arrives in Paris and Kris excitedly starts yelling out at obvious landmarks they pass such as the Eiffel Tower.

The paparazzi is completely overwhelming for the family when they arrive. It is especially overwhelming for Scott and Robert. Robert takes it much harder than Scott.

Lorraine Schwartz hosts a dinner for Kim’s family and friends. The topic is the first time that they all met Kanye and of course Kim.

Kim reveals that the first time she ever talked to Kanye it was by phone and the phone call lasted almost eight hours. (She was with someone else at the moment).

Lorraine says she knew five years ago that Kim and Kanye were going to get married. (Now really? Kris Humphries ring a bell?)

The day before the ceremony Kim and Kanye drop the news that the guests are flying from Paris to Florence because that is where the ceremony will actually take place.

While they are all in makeup, getting ready for the wedding Jonathon comes to tell her that all of the guests have made it safely. Scott then pipes up and reveals that Robert will not be attending.

Robert saw some of the mean comments on the photos the paparazzi had posted online and they had really gotten to him. Because of that he bailed on the wedding and flew to LA alone instead of Florence.

Kim is upset but a little distracted due to the ceremony starting soon. The music starts playing and she begins to walk down the aisle.

That’s it? That’s all Kanye would let us see of the wedding? Are you surprised? Do you think this will be the end of the over sharing we get from the Kardashians? Let me know in the comments below!


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