KUWTK Ep 9 “Color Me Lonely” Blog Recap


Bruce JennerWe may be 9 seasons in, but one thing is for sure and that is that the first family of Reality TV is not disappointing us 9 seasons in! Last nights episode was quite a doozy!

Kim is busy trying to convince Bruce to get a haircut and get rid of his now infamous  ponytail. He gets the haircut done at Khloe’s house by a professional stylist. Khloe thinks that it doesn’t look much different after the fact. Kris shows up to get some things done to her hair as well. As she is getting her highlights put in she is lecturing Bruce about his ponytail and how she also thinks it needs to go. He quickly snaps at her and tells her to leave him alone. (Seems as if Bruce is FINALLY getting that backbone!)

Kourtney lets Khloe know about a painting that she found while at Scott’s parents house. She believes that it could be worth millions and jokes that with it she could buy Khloe a private jet. Scott irritated doesn’t want to bother with the painting. He thinks that it is a fake and that if they do take it to be looked at to see if it’s real he could be let down.

As if Kris hadn’t given Bruce enough grief already in this episode she is now concerned with him living out in Malibu full-time that he isn’t taking care of himself properly. That he isn’t getting all of his meals in. He lets her know that he is fully capable of taking care of himself and that she should just back off a little bit.

Afraid that Bruce is ditching Kylie like he ditched out on Brody years before the family is trying to make more time for Bruce and Kylie to get one on one time together. After many failed attempts the two do end up going on a hike without either one of them ditching one another.

Bruce meets with Kylie and Khloe for lunch and lets out all of his emotions. Saying that how he feels Kris is way too controlling for him about certain things. How is very depressed about the fact that he doesn’t get to spend enough time with Kendall and Kylie like before the teenage years came into play. Kylie feels bad that they don’t hang out as much as they should.

Kris has the family enroll in a cooking class, which turns  out to be quite a sight. Kim ends up with Bruce’s hair in her fish that she trying to cook and she is completely grossed out by the fact.

To end the episode we find out that after many looks at the painting and having met with multiple appraisers that the painting found in Scott’s parents house was indeed a fake and they wouldn’t be able to sell it and buy this million-dollar jet they had been dreaming of the past few days.

What did you all think of the episode? Is it time for Bruce to get rid of the hair? Let me know in the comments below! 





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