KUWTK: Ep 17 “Design for Disaster” Blog Recap


f6719__keeping-up-with-the-kardashians-season-9-pictures_just-say-noOur favorite tv family is back in the states after a three-week long adventure in Thailand and the craziness didn’t end overseas!

Khloe and Kourtney are starting to feel bad about how they had reacted to Kim’s news of landing the cover of Vogue. They wished they both had been a little more supportive, and intend on making it up to her. They do so by blowing up and framing her cover to give to her as a surprise.

Kourtney offers to decorate Khloe’s new house because she is loving interior design at the moment. Khloe gives the ok and Kourtney gets down to business and makes a very over the top (it’s the Kardashians what do we expect) inspiration board for the new house. Khloe quickly realized that things were going to get ugly between the two sisters because Kourtney was charging Khloe $25,000 fee to decorate the house! Khloe jokingly says that she needs to at least be taken to dinner before being taken advantage of.

Kourtney sees it as she put in a lot of time and effort into decorating the new home and she feels as if she should be paid for all the time and effort.

Kris is dealing with her mother MJ who has been having some chronic pains due to  her breast and colon cancer. How are they going to take care of this pain? They do so with medical marijuana. Kris also gets recommended to try it herself because of the pain she’s been having in her neck for the past few years.

Kris raises the idea to MJ and is surprised to find out that MJ already has a prescription for medical marijuana and she has marijuana gummy bears!

The two get high together which happens to tick Bruce off highly. As the two women are high as kites Bruce is ranting that they need to get the drugs out of the house before Kendall and Kylie get home.

The older girls head to Miami for the opening of their new DASH store and Kourtney and Khloe have to put aside their differences over the decorating for this trip while they fly down to meet up with kIM.

But tensions rose between the two the entire time and Kourtney had to see Scott getting sloppy drunk on this trip.

Khloe was being a nice sister and convinces Scott to go back to their hotel room and get out of the public.

The two sisters make up by episodes in Kourtney is thankful that Khloe had her back in Miami and helped out with the Scott situation. Kourtney repaid the favor by being there for Khloe after a tough phone call with Lamar.

What did you think of this weeks episode?  Should you pay family for doing work for you? Let me know in the comments below! 



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