KUWTK: Ep 16 Thailand Vacation Blog Recap


rs_560x343-140401114544-1024.kardashian-jenner-thailand-orphanage-040114The first family of reality television kept up with the drama in the conclusion to their three part vacation extravaganza.

Khloe has decided against leaving early and that instead she’s going to just stick out the remainder of the trip training with a thai trainer in the boxing ring. Brody takes notice of all the frustration that Khloe is having and suggests that she have a vacation fling with someone while their here.

The family is traveling to an orphanage where they’ll be meeting children who live there and taking a tour of their living conditions. Brandon and Leah sing a song off of their album while the children of the orphanage gather around and listen. After the family all spends a little one-on-one time with the children. Everyone is having a good time, even Khloe, but she thinks Rob would love this and hates that he’s missing out on it.

Kim bonds with a young teenage girl at the orphanage. They make a few paintings together on one of the walls in the building. Kim then signs the wall and they take a group photo before heading out. As they are leaving the teenager Kim has connected with gives her a bracelet and Kim is very touched at the fact that someone that has nothing wanted to give her a bracelet.

That night at dinner Brody suggests Khloe sleep with the thai trainer she’s working with here. Khloe is mortified that Brody would say this. The subject of Lamar comes up and Khloe says that he’s in New York now, but she can’t find. She can’t help but think about him and worry about him because she feels responsible for him. She then begins to cry and says she can’t talk about it anymore.

Brandon, Brody, and Bruce head to train with the thai trainer. Brody brings up Kim’s wedding and says that he hasn’t been invited yet. Brandon and Bruce reveal that neither of them have received invites yet either. The Jenner men then are on a mission to find a man for Khloe and go around the gym showing her picture, they have no luck.

Brandon and Kris are discussing Rob and Kris says that Rob needs positive people around him all the time. She’s starting to worry. She believes that Khloe is taking the situation too hard. Because Khloe feels 100% responsible for how Rob is because she feels like her and Lamar’s relationship had a negative influence on Rob. Kim enters with her vogue cover, she’s excited to show Kris and Brandon. While their chatting Kim brings up the young girl she bonded with at the orphanage saying she can’t stop thinking about her and that she wants to adopt her. Kris sets her straight that you can’t go out and pick a kid out. She should consider helping out in other ways, running into adopting one isn’t the best decision.

Brody and Brandon tell Kris that they’ve found Khloe’s future husband. They call him on the phone and Kris pretends to be Khloe where she invites him out for a coffee date. He agrees and they are all excited that Khloe has got a date.

The family visits a temple whee they leave feeling very spiritual and Khloe realizes that she needs to figure out her problems for herself and Rob needs to figure out his problems for himself.

To end the vacation the family heads to the beach and hold a latter releasing ceremony. Where they all are getting rid of things that are holding them down.

What did you think of the episode? Is Khloe in the wrong to be concerned about Rob? Let me know in the comments below!


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