KUWTK: Ep 14 “A Thailand Vacation” Blog Recap


kim-kardashian-kris-jennerThis week on E’s hit Keeping Up With the Kardashians the family took their annual family vacation to the exotic Thailand. In true Kardashian fashion this trip isn’t a boring one!

At the Jenner house the family is taking a family vote on where to go on their vacation. Rob is noticeably absent. Khloe, his new roommate, says that he’s at the gym and didn’t want to miss a workout (the family doesn’t believe it). The family decides to take a trip to Thailand.

Since Rob had missed the family meeting about planning the vacation, Kris is concerned that he’ll skip out on the trip. Khloe assures her that he won’t skip out and that he’s excited about it. Kris lets Khloe know that it is her responsibility to make sure that Rob gets to Thailand.

Kayne is away on tour and won’t be able to make it to the family’s vacation, so Kim is shopping for camera’s for her assistant. Kim wants to be able to make a book of selfies for Kanye of Kim while she’s on the trip. So he won’t miss a minute of it.

With this episode also comes the announcement of the infamous Vogue cover. Kim calls for a family meeting to let them know that she has a meeting with Anna Wintour and that she will be on the cover. Kris is upset that none of the family seems to care about this news. Khloe and Kourtney mock Kim by telling her covers of magazines they will be on the cover of (K-9 and Natural Health Food).

Bruce is coming along for this vacation and is excited about it. He is wanting to do as many activities as possible with Kris while they are on the trip. Kris tells Kim of her anxiety about this because she’s wanting this to be a relaxing trip as opposed to doing a lot of activities. Kim suggests that Leah, Brody, and Brandon should be invited to help keep Bruce company.

The entire family (even Rob) meets with their doctor to receive their vaccinations for the trip. They will be heading to the airport later that night. Before they leave Kourtney thinks that she’s too sick to go and that Mason has an ear infection so they should stay behind.

At the airport Khloe begins to freak out because Rob hasn’t shown yet. Nor has he answered any of her text messages or phone calls. She’s starting to have anxiety attack and is having second thoughts about going. When Kendall hears this she says that she won’t go either. But Khloe doesn’t go with this idea and boards the plane.

When the family touches down in Thailand Khloe is still unable to get in touch with Rob. She’s deeply concerned at the resort. Kim (who received her own private suite and entire floor to herself) tells Khloe that she’s making Rob not coming into a much bigger deal than needed. Khloe is upset by this, she says that Kim just doesn’t understand Rob’s issues. Kim doesn’t let the Rob issue bother her much. Instead she and her assistant begin making the selife book for Kanye.

In the early morning the next day, Brandon, Leah, and Brody arrive at the resort. The family has a day planned of zip lining. The Jenner kids decide to stay behind and catch up on their sleep. While their Kim has a panic attack and decides not to go ahead with the zip lining. Bruce and Kris zip line together and argue the entire time. This irritates Kendall. She’s over the couples bickering.

After zip lining, Bruce and Kris leave in a separate vehicle from the other kids. Bruce and Kris’ taxi ends up in a minor fender bender and rear ends another car.

The episode ends with the family having dinner. Kim is noticeably, she’s busy taking topless photos with her assistant for Kanye’s book. Brody accidentally walks in on these topless photos and he can’t stop laughing. Bruce suggests the family going canoeing together. Kris says that she wants to just relax. She then opens her mouth even more and says her plan of inviting the Jenner kids so she could get her relaxation time. Kris explodes and storms off. Kendall and Kylie follow frustrated and want to know more about this “plan”. Kris is frustrated at them calling her a liar and the kids storm out.

What did you guys think of the episode? Should Khloe be as concerned about Rob as she is? Let me know in the comments below! 


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