KUWTK: Ep 13 “Move It or Lose It” Blog Recap


This weeks episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians was drama filled and we got a look behind the relationship problems of Khloe and Lamar.

The episode began with Kourtney and Khloe out to lunch. Khloe is making fun of Kourt because she’s been at the doctor and now her face is not able to move because of Novocain. Khloe reveals she has to be out of her house in a few days and that she’s going to move into her brothers house until she figures out what to do.

The sisters take a quick trip to NYC to look at places for a new NYC location for DASH in SOHO (the focus of the upcoming Hampton’s spinoff.) While in NYC Khloe gets a phone call from Lamar telling her he’s leaving the USA to play for a new basketball team.

Back in Calabasas, while Khloe is at her house packing she begins to vent to Kourtney about a few interviews that Lamar is doing. Saying to the press that he won’t give up on their marriage. This infuriates her because he knows damn well they are going ahead with the divorce.

At the Jenner house Khloe throws Kendall a welcome home party. But even if this idea was last minute we are talking about the Kardashian family. So there was a mechanical bull, a DJ, a photographer and more!

At the party Kris pulls Khloe aside and lets her know about Lamar and his lying press interviews. She reveals that her and Bruce still deeply care for Lamar and they both talk to him every day. This infuriates Khloe and she tells Kris off and says that he’s single and she can go date him.

Brody and Bruce get into it after Brody shows up late to a golf date with Bruce. Bruce threatens to cancel the entire thing because he feels Brody isn’t keen on the idea. Brody is upset. He goes to see Kendall and Brandon afterwords and they tell him that he is that way with them as well.

While moving out of the house Khloe realizes that there is hundreds of thousands dollars worth of jewelry missing. It turns into a huge mess that involved Kris calling the cops. They know for certain that it wasn’t Lamar because Khloe had changed the locks once things got bad between the two. She believes it was an inside job.

The cops leave and Khloe soon heads out after with the moving trucks and she leaves the house for the last time.


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