KUWTK: Ep 12 “Playing Dirty” Blog Recap



The first family of reality television got down and dirty this week in this weeks Keeping Up With the Kardashians (and no, it’s not what your thinking…get your mind out of the gutter!)

Scott and Bruce are making plans for Scott to come out to the Malibu house and fly helicopters with Bruce. Bruce brings up the recent passing of Scotts parents, asking him if he’s ok and how things are going. Scott confesses that he’s devastated because he now knows that a portion of his life is now over.

Khloe and Kim are busy training for an upcoming mud run (THIS IS WHY IT GOT DIRTY!) To train they go on a hike with Rob. While on the hike Khloe tells him that Kim is taking this too seriously and making it into a competition. Saying that Kim is always talking about being fit and eating healthy.

Back at the Jenner household, Scott is discussing how he wants to become like the men in Wolf of Wallstreet. He wants to have his own helicopter in the backyard and Bruce be his private pilot. (Because Bruce can probably actually afford a helicopter, in true Kardashian fashion he can only be the pilot.) Kris thinks this is insane that Kourtney is even thinking about Scott get a helicopter because of how expensive they are and that they have two children to raise. (Yes, Kris Jenner is being the voice of reason here.) However, Kourtney is sad about Scott has been feeling and doesn’t want to come off as a controlling boss to him anymore. So she says that she is ok with it and leaves the decision up to him.

In the next section of this competition between Khoe and Kim, Khloe brings Kourtney along to attend a yoga class. Khloe is trying her best to get an edge over Kim. So she is hoping this secret yoga class will give her an advantage in the mud run. Khloe does all right in the class whereas Kourtney quickly grasps it and is very good.

Bruce and Scott have a few meetings with people on getting this private helicopter thing a go. Scott reveals plans to call the helicopter “LD Air” after his infamous name Lord Disick. Kris is still upset that Kourtney is letting things get this far. Kourtney lets her know that Scott is free to do it if he wants. She doesn’t want Scott to have resentment towards her in the future like Bruce has resentment towards Kris. After realizing how much of the yard would have to be taken up for this helicopter and afraid of the kid’s safety, Scott puts the thoughts on hold for this helicopter.

The time for the mud run finally arrives and Khloe is determined to beat Kim. She thinks Kim is too competitive. At the starting line Khloe quickly takes the lead, however she loses her shoe and Kim is able to catch up. The sisters end up wrestling in a huge mud puddle and they decided to just have fun with this. They end up finishing the run together and Khloe is just happy to have sister bonding time.

What did you guys think of the episode? Was Kourtney crazy for even thinking of letting Scott get a helicopter? Let me know in the comments below! 





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