KUWTK Ep 10 “Doggy Blu’s” Blog Recap


6579_NUP_155286_0588_059#DC - CopyThis week Kendall and Khloe had a major heartfelt emotions about how badly they treat their mother, Kris Jenner.

While out and about in her home, Kris steps into some dog poo in her yard. The dog poo belongs to Kendall’s dog, Kris dogsits for her while she’s away on her modeling jobs. Kris is livid at the fact she stepped in the dogs business and starts ranting to Kim about who is going to clean up the dog poo, because she’s tired of it.

When Kendall arrives at the house, Kris gets into with her about taking care of a dog. Kendall fights back saying how Kris is mean to the dogs and doesn’t treat them well. As all of this is happening Kris is trying to wrestle her couch pillow away from one of the dogs.

Kris, Kendall, Khloe and Kim attend a cycling class together. While there Kris makes a joke that her crotch hasn’t seen this much action in years. Kendall is very annoying and makes a comment that she wishes Kris would  stop talking like that and act her age.

Later on, Kim comes home and finds Kris’ house filled with dog poo and obviously she’s not going to pick it up so she leaves it and goes on her way. Kris comes home livid and is angry that Kim didn’t clean it up. Kim says it’s Kendall’s responsibly and she doesn’t think she should have to clean it up. (BRUCE WHERE ARE YOU WHEN THEY NEED YOU).

Kourtney drags Scott on a hose hunting adventure with Khloe to look at a house for Khloe. Really it is for Scott to se it because Kourtney is very interested in the house already. Khloe let’s them know that if they don’t buy it she is going to.

Kim goes out to lunch with friends and they make they comment that they smell dog poo. Kim is mortified that her friends are smelling it from Kendall’s dog.

Khloe and Malika take Kris out for an evening on the town because Khloe is upset that how Kris has been treated lately by the girls. Let’s just say this night ends with a twerk contest with rapper The Game!

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