KUWTK: A Thailand Vacation Part 2 Blog Recap


040114-lifestyle-kardashians-thailand-khloe-kardashian-swimsuit.jpg.custom1200x675x20.dimgThings got wild on part two of the Thailand adventure on this weeks episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashains.

After the fallout of last weeks episode, Kendall and Kylie left the resort without telling anyone. This moment turned into a mini lifetime movies style search party when none of the family could find them. They all start panicking and looking all over the city that they are staying in. Kris is freaking out and yelling at everyone out of fear, and Bruce is throwing a fit saying he doesn’t understand why the girls would wonder off in a country where they don’t speak the language. Finally, Kendall and Kylie send a photo of them and where they are located. The family tries to match up the location of the photo and find them that way. Eventually Kim and Khloe are the ones to find them. They catch them getting massages (These are Kris Jenner’s children people!)

Bruce is furious. Kendall says that she wants Bruce and Kris to stop with all of the fighting and she wants them to like one another again. She can’t take all of the constant bickering that happens when they are together.

The family spends the day on a yacht and then goes canoeing through caves. Kris and Bruce fight the entire time about having to do thing and not getting to relax and then eventually Kris admits that these are once in a lifetime kind of activities and that she’s actually having a fun time.

Brandon brings up the Rob situation to Khloe. Khloe says that living in Rob’s townhouse with him she notices that he never leaves the house. Kim thinks that he’s just in a rut and needs to get out. Khloe believes that he’s very depressed and that Kim doesn’t know the real Rob anymore because of how distant the two have been lately.

Kylie informs Kris on how hard this “separation” fighting has been on her lately. Kris is sorry and says that they are trying very hard to find their footing as friends. But it’s a new situation and that it will take time.

Khloe makes an announcement that she’s thinking about leaving early. Kim throws shade and says that it’s to get home to the 50 rappers she’s dating.

Kris then talks to Kim alone about the idea of Khloe leaving. She says that Khloe has such guilt for leaving Rob behind and that he’s now alone in LA. She tells Kim that she will never understand how close of a relationship Khloe and Rob have and how hard this situation of Rob’s is on Khloe. Because this is a situation that Khloe can’t fix. Kim says that Khloe needs to get over that, that Khloe is going through a lot of her own mess right now. She’s concerned that if Khloe focuses on Rob she won’t be able to focus on herself.

What do you guys think of this episode? Is Khloe in the wrong? Let me know in the comments below!


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