Keeping Up With the Kardashians Ep 6 “2 Birthdays & a Yard Sale” Blog Recap

It’s birthday time for the Kardashian clan on this weeks episode of Keeping Up. We begin the episode with Kendall looking for ideas for her upcoming 18th birthday party. She wants to do a trip to Magic Mountain. (Which I think is very down to earth for a Kardashian. She is clearly the most normal one of the group!) During this conversation Kendall lets Kim know that whenever she turns 18 she plans on moving out of Kris’ house because she will be 18 and she wants to be an “independent woman”. Kim doesn’t agree with this, and she believes that Kendall should stay there as long as possible. Kourtney and Scott are back at their house looking through things in their garage. They are having trouble finding things and Kourtney says that she wants to have a yard sale and that having one would be a dream come true.
Kris is out with CiCi and Jonathan and one of Jonathan’s friends for dinner. The topic of Kendall comes up and Kris reveals that Kendall has been out looking at houses and she isn’t ready for this 18th birthday to come. Kris doesn’t want her to leave the house. Meanwhile, Kendall, Kylie, and Bruce are out to lunch in town having a bite to eat. During which Bruce gets a phone call from Khloe. Khloe wants to throw Bruce a 64 birthday party. Bruce confesses to the girls that he thinks that it’s just them and Khloe who even care about his birthday.
Kourtney and Scott tell Rob of the upcoming yard sale that they are going to have. Rob suggests that it should be an “all nude yard sale”. Scott jokes that he will sale his penis enlarger. While at Kris’ Jonathan, Kim and Kris are going through the garage trying to find things for the sale. Jonathan and Kim are worried that Kris is a hoarder. Kris assured them that she was just always prepared for anything and everything that could happen.
At Bruces beach house he and Kendall are discussing how she has been meeting with realtors and  looking at houses around town. Bruce is totally on board with the idea. He understands that people would want to get away from the Kardashian drama and he thinks it would be nice for her to get her own place. (BRUCE IS SO RIGHT. THIS IS WHY BRUCE IS EVERYONES FAVORITE KARDASHIAN.) He thinks she should look at places in Malibu so that she will be closer to Brody and Brandon/Leah. She has been looking but can’t find anything.
Khloe calls Kim and Kourtney to tell them about her plans for Bruce’s birthday. She thinks that the two of them have been neglecting Bruce since the separation and they need to make a little more of an effort. Kim and Kourtney are of course upset by this. They say that Khloe always has tried too hard to be Bruce’s favorite. Therefor they are determined to beat her at her own game and invite all of his olympic teammates to the party.
For Kendall’s birthday the family rents out Magic Mountain. (BECAUSE JUST GOING TO THE PARK ON A NORMAL DAY WOULD BE JUST TOO NORMAL FOR THESE KARDASHIANS). While Kendall is on rides with some friends Kris brings up Kendall moving to Bruce. She is upset at the fact that he would want to help her try and move out of Kris’ house.
Next, it’s Bruce birthday dinner. At first it seems to be an epic fail. Khloe, Kylie and Brody were the only family members to show up. Khloe starts calling all of her family and finally Kris arrives with Kim and Kendall in tow. After they all being to eat Bruces teammates begin to show up and he is thrilled to see them all for the first time in 35 years.
We end the episode with the yard sale. The family has decided to donate all of the money to charity. During the sale Kourtney starts to get upset at things she didn’t want to go being sold and she comes to the terms that she, like Kris, is a hoarder.
What did you think of the episode? Should Kendall be able to move out at 18? Let me know in the comments!

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