Keeping Up With the Kardashians Ep 4 “A Surprise Engagement Pt. 1” Blog Recap

kar_904_highlight_c_218158_560x315Everyone, this is it. The moment that everyone is has been talking about for weeks! We are finally getting the chance to see the Kimye engagement! Now, this is a two parter so we won’t actually see the entire engagement until  next week. However, the first part was just as exciting so lets get talking it.   Kim, love her or hate her, she is the star of the show. Now, all of last season she has made her usual Kim judgmental comments, but because she was pregnant no one said anything. However, with her not being pregnant anymore the family has had enough! Kris is over Kim and Kanye staying at the house. Saying that she thinks Kim has taken over the house and they still to over stayed their welcome. Kim tells her it will be at least another 8 months or so until they can move in so things aren’t going to change. Fed up with this, Kris takes to contacting Kim’s contractor too see how things can get moved along quicker. This of course, upsets Kim.
Kourtney and Khloe also have had it up with Kim. They start talking about Kim but to keep from getting her mad at them they make up this friend named Nancy and talk about how badly that they are treated by Nancy (Kim). Kim quickly finds this out and is really hurt by this. She just wishes that if people had a problem with her they would just be upfront with her about it.  Bruce made a small appearance this week, he is having a party his house and wants to invite all his friends so he comes to see Kris so that he can find his phone to et all their numbers. Kourtney wants Khloe to talk to her therapist to help her with all of the Lamar business.  Kanye lets Kris know that he is throwing a big birthday party for Kim after his concert in San Francisco coming up. He wants her to invite the entire family. However he won’t tell her what is going to happen at the party.
Next week we will finally get to see the ENTIRE engagement! So until then I hope you all enjoyed this weeks episode!
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