Keeping Up With the Kardashians Ep 3 “And All That Jazzzzzzz” Blog Recap

kar_903_highlight_c_extd_217718_560x315Ok everybody this weeks Kardashian’s was a wild one! This week Kris decided that she had fulfilled her dream of being a talk show host over the summer with her show on FOX “Kris”. So whats a woman to do after she fulfills her dream? Tackle a new one! Kris has decided that she wants to take on broadway. (She has the show Chicago in mind). This week she began taking dance and vocal lessons to prepare for the role should something come calling (Typical Kardashian fashion to do something such as a dance class to prepare for a role thats never been offered).

Khloe has been staying at Kris’ house during this Lamar situation. Which can be hectic considering it is Kris, Kendall, Kylie, Kim, Kanye, and North all living there as well. Which makes Rob to decide to offer up a room in his new house to Khloe. He is hesitant tho, because he fears that this is going to mess up his workouts with her there. ( Ok, sidebar this has came up MULTIPLE times this season and last. Am I the only one seeing Rob say this yet no weight come off of him?) After turning down an original offer from Rob, then an offer from Kourtney and Scott, and after looking at multiple rental homes, Khloe decides to take Rob up on his second offer and move in with him. (Can they have their own show? I mean really the first season of Khloe and Lamar when they lived together wa pure reality tv glory).

Kourtney notices Scott on a billboard advertising a part for a strip club in Vegas. When she confronts him about it he plays it off as it is nothing that he knows about. She goes along with it but isn’t for sure that she can believe him. However, the couple have a few friends fly in from NYC to visit. The husband and Scott are planning to do the club appearance in Vegas without letting the girls know. Kourney and the wife plan on catching the men in the act. Telling the boys that they will be gone shopping all day, when instead they will be spying on them.

Rob meets up with a group of friends of his to discuss future business adventures. The conversation quickly turns to Khloe and Rob brings up YET AGAIN his struggle to work out with Khloe living with him because she makes things such as cheese dishes for dinner.

Kris lets Jonathon and Kim know that she is serious about getting on broadway and that she has been taking theses classes to prepare. The two laugh it off thinking that Kris is joking. Which hurts her feelings. In Vegas, Kourtney and her friend Nicole are able to catch Scott and Nicole’s husband in the act of the party. Scott believes that Kourtney has a type of tracking device on him when he is surprised to see her show up. (Which I wouldn’t doubt. I mean she is Kris Jenner’s child!)

Kris lets Bruce know her dream of broadway. He also finds it hard to take serious. But after hearing how Jonathon and Kim took it. He listens and lets Kris know that if she wants to do it he thinks she should pursue it.

Back at Robs, he comes home for a business meeting with the Goldston’s. Whenever they arrive they find Khloe is having a slumber party with Kourtney and Kylie. Rob is furious. Because he needs to be having this business meeting with the Goldston’s. Later on Rob and Khloe have a heart to heart and Khloe decides that it is best for her to move back into her own home and leave Rob’s.

Kris calls up her best friend and broadway expert Kathie Lee Gifford to let her know her dream of being on broadway. KLG lets her know just how much work it is and what she would be getting herself into. After realizing this Kris decides to give up on her new found broadway dream.

Khloe lets the sisters know during a photo shoot that she has moved back to her and Lamars home. Which is weird for her, because he isn’t there anymore. She wants to be able to erase all of the bad things that happened there from it, but she can’t. Kim lets her know that whenever her house is done that she can move in with her and Kanye.

What did you guys think of the episode? Are you finding the way Lamar’s story is being edited a bit weird? Let me know in the comments!


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