Keeping Up With the Kardashians Ep 1&2 “Love and Letting Go/How to Deal” Blog Recap

The time has finally arrived! Our favorite celebrity family is back! Keeping up with the Kardashian’s season 9 premiered this week. It was a two-night premiere so lets not waste any time and get started!  The episode began with the family discussing their usual things such as rumors that the press is saying about the family. One of the topics coming up, Bruce’s pony tail. Can we all agree that his hair is the true star of the show this season? I mean who cannot love it? We knew it wouldn’t take long for them to get into the Lamar issue and let’s face it, it was the moment that we all have been waiting for since these promos for the new season began playing on our screens ever 20 seconds. Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney are seen running into a friend who ignores them. Khloe tells her sisters how this is how everyone has been since the things with Lamar have started to come out. She begins to get upset. Kourtney tries to comfort her by taking her to DASH to hopefully think that working on business will keep her mind off things. But it is not long that things are off her mind. The moment they step outside the door of DASH the paparazzi begin hounding Khloe about the situation. She begins to get upset, again because of the fact that all this is coming out and because of the fact that she is getting a separation.  The two go to see Rob at his new house. Khloe lets Rob know how much she misses him and hates going by his old room in her house and not seeing him there. Then she asks if he has heard from Lamar, which he hasn’t. Getting in touch with Lamar is not easy due to how often the changes his phone.
Bruce meets with Kris to discuss their separation. Saying that he beleives the distance between the two of them is good and that they should keep doing what they are doing. It’s better for their relationship in the long run. Because of this he decided to extend the lease on his Malibu house. A little upset that Bruce did this without her notice, she agrees and the two have a toast to Bruce’s home. Next, the two had to discuss the matter with the entire family. They invited all of the kids to the house to have a family meeting on the issue. It’s clear that none of the kids quite understand why they wouldn’t just get a divorce instead of sugar coating the situation and staying separated. Kris lets them know that they like the way things are, that she doesn’t want them to get messy between her and Bruce like they did when she and Robert Kardashian ended their marriage.
Later, Kim and Kourtney are discussing the situation between Khloe and Lamar. The two can’t imagine how she is dealing with the situation and how sad they feel for Khloe. They don’t get why she won’t open up with them about the situation. A highlight of night one, was whenever Bruce, Kendall, and Kylie were out playing golf and they were being bombarded by the paparazzi. All three of them give the paps the finger. Shortly the family has a second family meeting with the Jenner boys included. Khloe gives a update on her and Lamar’s relationship saying that they have been speaking and he asked her to go to a movie. To end night one, they went to a vinayard and made wine. The family was happy to see Khloe having a bit of fun.
In the second half of the premiere, a negative interview about the family done by Lamar’s father comes out. Khloe is upset by this and how he talked of the family. Rob believes that Lamar’s troubles are way too big for Khloe to handle and thinks that she needs to consider what she wants for her future.
Kourtney and Scott are currently in therapy to discuss their relationship.  The therapist has Scott enroll in karate classes. Which was one of the highlights of the premiere for me.  Kourtney is happy that he is doing something that he enjoys. Kris has been hanging out with Kim’s best friend Jonathan lately. Which Kim is a little upset by but realizes that it’s ok because she has been neglecting her relationship with Jonathan lately due to her getting engaged and having North. Kris and Jonathan are taking a trip to Sonoma, California for a spa trip. When in reality it is a trip for Kris to see a male friend that she is scared her family would not approve of. Kim and another good friend are dining out with Kourtney and Scott whenever Kim gets an unexpected phonecall from Lamar. Lamar is telling her that he has never said anything negative about the family to the press. Kim says that she believes that, and that she nor any of the rest of the family would ever say anything bad about him to the press.  A good thing for Khloe in the premiere was a funny bit in which Kendall was trying to put color in her hair and and it turned out blue. Thankfully Khloe was there to help in this funny situation.
What did you think of the premiere event? What are your thoughts on Khloe and Lamar? Let me know in the comments!

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