Keeping Up With the Kardashians “A Very Merry Christmas” Blog Recap


rs_600x377-131129172601-kxmas7The tree is up, the heat is on, and temperatures are below freezing, it must be Christmas time! This year we get to celebrate in an entire new way, for the first time ever, (which is surprising 8 years and we are just now getting one) getting a Kardashian’s Christmas special!

The special begins with the entire Kardashian family (without the Jenner boys, Leah, Lamar, Kanye and little North) all gathered around Kris’ Christmas tree in satin festive pajamas. My favorite quote in the episode came from Khloe in this opening scene. Bruce enters and is telling about his nose surgery and Khloe says “You guys we have so much to be thankful for this Christmas…only one of us has stiches.”

With the family gathered around the Christmas tree we were treated to vintage never-before-seen Christmas morning family videos ranging from Christmas’ when Kim and the girls were little to when Kylie and Kendall were kids. In between video’s the family played the famous white elephant game that most of us play at our own family Christmas celebrations. Gifts from the game included a “What Would Jesus Do?” bracelet, a tent, lottery tickets, and a double chin exercise machine and more.

The family also went around in-between picking gifts from the game and shared their favorite holiday pictures from growing up. In true Kim Kardashian fashion, the first picture she showed as a solo shot of her wearing a Santa hat at an event and blowing kisses into the camera.  Kris set a side a moment to honor the special people in their lives that could not be with them during the holiday season such as her former husband, Robert.

After, the special turned to more of an episode of Keeping Up and opened with the scene of finding a way to do the holidays now that Bruce and Kris are separated. Kris and Bruce made their best in proving that they do still love each other but are best as friends and that their family will never change. Bruce mentioned that his Christmas present this year was the joy of getting to sleep over with Kris on Christmas Eve.

Then came the putting together of the famous Kardashian Christmas card. We see that it was Kim’s choice to change from their usual family friend photographer to the edgy David Lachapelle for this years card. It’s shown that it was LaChapelle’s idea for the card to feature just the girls. Kourtney had to fight to be able to get Mason and Penelope featured in the photo. Aside from Kourtney, Bruce was the most objective to the idea of an all girl Christmas card. Bruce believes that it is a family Christmas card and that all of the family needs to be in the card. They have done the same thing for twenty-three years so why change it now?

The girls then had to do damage control to comfort Bruce whose feelings were hurt about not being able to be in the Christmas card. Kris and Bruce had a heart-to-heart and Kris offered Bruce a spot on the card and he of course, accepted the offer.  Next, the family began shooting their card and Bruce gave one of the best one-liners of the episode to Kim, “Kim, this is a first. For once your hair is bigger than your ass.” And we were able to watch the now headline making Christmas card come to life.

What did you all think of the special?  What are your family holiday traditions?  Will this Christmas special hold you over till season 9 begins?  Let me know in the comments!


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