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All of Andi’s departed suitors gathered in one room for ABC’s The Bachelorette: Men Tell All special.

The special begins with former Bachelorette couple JP and Ashley as they are currently expecting and were their to discuss their pregnancy. While their they also received a live ultrasound to find out the sex of their baby! They are expecting a baby boy this fall.

The Bachelorette might be ending next week, but ABC has something to hold you over. We got our first look at Bachelor in Paradise. The Bachelor Pad replacement which follows former Bachelor and Bachelorette fan favorites as they look for love on a tropical locale.

Chris Harrison brought up this racism scandal that happend earlier this season whenever Andrew has made the comment of “blackies” to JJ whenever Marquel and Ron had both received a rose. Andrew didn’t exactly admit or deny it. Chris piped in and said that JJ doesn’t have the greatest credibility so why should we believe him. We then went to the tape of whenever Andrew had leaned over to JJ but mysteriously ABC didn’t have any audio to play. (This leads me to believe that the comment of “blackies” was clearly said).

Marquel was next in the hot seat and was asked the usual question of why he thought it didn’t work out. It was a little weird to see Marquel get a majority of the screen time for this special since he had left so early in the season.

Marcus took the hot seat next. Marcus was asked the same usual questions Marquel and we didn’t really get any new information that we didn’t already know.

Andi joined Chris to talk about the status of things now. She thinks she’s in love and she revealed that the many pregnancy rumors that are out right now in all of the magazine’s and over the internet are NOT TRUE!

What did you think of the Men Tell All? Did you think ABC should have mentioned Eric Hill? Let me know in the comments below! 

Next Tuesday at 3pm/2 ct Dana and I will be LIVE for the special Finale event! We’ll be recapping the entire show plus the after the final rose you can watch that HERE. To see past episodes of our recap show CLICK HERE!


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