Bachelorette Finale Recap!


ANDI DORFMAN, JOSH MURRAYAndi Dorfman finally narrowed her choices down and she now has found her one true love.

We are still in the Dominican Republic as our final stop of the season. It’s time for the boys to meet Andi’s family. Now, if you remember the hometown visits in Juan Pablo’s season you remember what firecracker her father Hy was. So we were expecting major fireworks come integration time. However, we never got it from him to either one of the boys. He willingly gave both boys his blessing for asking Andi to marry them.

The only member of the family that seemed at all concerned with the situation was Andi’s sister. Who was very skeptical of Josh based off his career as an athlete and Andi’s track record with athletes. Josh assured her that he is in love with Andi.

After both of the men had their meetings with her family they each got one final one on one. Josh received the first. For their date they recreated their first one on one on the boat. Which was a cute moment but they didn’t talk much the first time around they were all over each other during that entire date. Josh gave Andi a gift of a baseball card with all his imperfections and stats such as not being able to dance.

For Nick’s date they went off roading which seemed like one of the most fun dates so far this season. It was his first date in which they didn’t just take a tour of something. It’s still clear at this moment that Nick is appearing as the front runner. For Nick’s gift to Andi he gives her a vile of sand to wear as a necklace.

Later on, Nick is in his hotel room expecting a visit from the ring sellers when theres a knock at the door. It’s Andi. She has something that she needs to tell Nick. She lets him down easily telling him that she doesn’t love him and that it’s time for him to go. He is quickly sent packing and shipped out of the Dominican Republic.

That being said, Josh is announced as the winner of the Bachelorette 10! He proposes to Andi in a lavish setting and obviously she says yes.

The after the final rose ceremony didn’t have much fireworks in it. It was shameless promotion for Bachelor in Paradise and then a quick interview with the happy couple. However, the best moment of the special was in which Nick confronted Andi and asked her why if she didn’t love him why would she have sex with him. Andi is completely offended that he would even bring this up.

What did you think of the finale? Did Andi chose the right guy? Let me know in the comments below!


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