Bachelor in Paradise Ep 6 Blog Recap!



After last weeks complete ratchetness (that’s a word, right?) ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise started off much calmer.

Marcus and Lacy went on a date of the caves. On their date Lacy tells Marcus that she is falling in love with him. Which really isn’t surprising at this point. These two hit it off week one and were a match ever since!

From Desiree’s season, Brooks arrives to paradise. His last moments on her season was quite an emotional bit. He is quickly taken to Sarah. Robert makes it clear tho if Brooks asks her out bad things will come his way.

So whats a guy to do when you get your life threatened on the Bachelor? You pick another girl! Brooks chooses to go on a date with Jackie instead.

Sarah seemed a little bipolar this week. She was all prepared to kick Robert to the curb at one point and then he leaves her a cute note and they have a cuddle session on the bach and things become good again. Sarah agrees to try to make things work in their relationship outside in the real world.

Cody makes it clear that he is totally in love with Michelle Money. (Which can we discuss how random of a couple this is? Their love is still puzzling.) Michelle gets herself in to a bit of drama this week. She doesn’t like the comments that Jesse was saying about Christy. She lets Christy know about some rubbing of things that happened with Jesse and Lucy last week.

Fan favorite from Andi’s season Tasos arrives in the nick of time to save Christy! The two head out on a date.  Zack used his date card for a date with Jackie. Zack is clearly into her making the comment how different she is than Clare

Drama picks up at the rose ceremony cocktail party. Jesse is heading home and Christy isn’t going to let him go lightly. She stops his limo and has a word with him. He is oblivious to the idea that he’s leaving like a coward

The pairings for the rose ceremony went Marcus and Lacey (shocker in my Danielle Donato voice.) Sarah chose Robert. Michelle picked Cody. Jackie was left to pick between Zack and Brooks. Ultimately Brooks’ gift of nail polish wasn’t’ enough and he was sent packing.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below! The finale is next week! Are you sad for this summer series to come to an end?

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