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zap-bachelor-in-paradise-season-1-cast-photos--016The drama filled ocean in Mexico kept heating up on this weeks episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

The episode beings with the drama that happened with Michelle K that made her decide to walk away from the show. It turns out she had been getting flirty with the guy who was staying in the hotel room next to her during the week of preproduction. The two had adjoining rooms and got along well and soon opened up those adjoining rooms and began spending time together.

When Michelle walked away from the show, a PA had came to see Michelle with a therapist to talk to her about decompressing after the show. The man from next door (who also works for ABC and the Bachelor in Paradise series) was in the room. He completely panicked and jumped off the balcony of the hotel (20 feet up) to avoid being seen. He ended up breaking both of his ankles.

The women have the power this week (power will shift from men to women each week). Chris gives Clare and invite for some pampering. Which no sane person would ever turn down, so she obviously accepts the invite. The two are chatting and Chris reveals that he is ready to be the best boyfriend ever. Clare buys into what Chris is selling and says she’s ready to give Chris her “rose”.

Trouble is starting to strike in Paradise for last weeks it couple of Dylan and Elise. Dylan is feeling a bit suffocated and overwhelmed by all the attention that Elise is giving him. He lets her know that she could go out and meet some of the other guys on the island in case she hadn’t met them all yet.

With this show we will be getting many new arrivals throughout the season, this week from Desiree’s season of The Bachelorette we got Zack Kalter walking up to join in on the fun in paradise. Zack and Clare are friends and she is very excited to see him.

Zack has a date care and is a bit torn because he wants to see where his interest in Clare will go but he has love for Ashlee as well. Ultimately, he chooses Clare and where else does anyone go on this show? The ocean!

With Clare being with Zack, Chris is going full force in trying to get Elise. He does so by calling Dylan names, saying he looks like a fat Matt Damon (which I’m still trying to decide if it’s an insult or a compliment). This doesn’t have any influence on Elise, she still is interested in Dylan. However, Dylan is extremely upset that Elise and Chris had kissed even tho earlier in the day Dylan had told her to go out and meet the other men on the island.

Dylan has the next date card, and because Elise needs to be “punished” for what she did, he doesn’t take her. So who does he take? Elise’s best friend on the cast, Sarah. At first Sarah doesn’t seem too into it but she goes along with it all and by the end of the date she seems to be very into it.

Marcus and Marquel “accidentally” happen to find a love letter in one of Ben’s bags. The two says that they need to confront him about it. Ben explains that he had met this girl a few weeks before the show had started and admits to it being “real”. Clare hears of this going down and runs to tell everyone so that they can witness it all. Because there’s nothing else on this island to see.

Ben says that it was a complete mistake for him to come to the island and he stomps off. Michelle Money is pissed and immediately starts having a meltdown because she says that Ben took the place of a man she could have had a connection with and now she’ll never know.

Here’s how the rose ceremony in week two went: Michelle gave Marquel a rose, Lacy awarded Marcus hers, AshLee gives one to Graham, Clare lets Zack take her rose, Elise happily gives Dylan a rose and he awkwardly declines it. So Elise takes her leftover rose and gives it to Chris WHO TAKES IT! (But honestly who wouldn’t? It’s guaranteed safety to next week!) Sarah decides not to betray girl code and she gives her rose to Robert as opposed to Dylan. Meaning Dylan is the second eliminated contestant from Bachelor in Paradise.

What did you all think of the episode? Was Dylan dumb to not accept the rose? Let me know in the comments below! 

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