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3335dbd0-0ed8-11e4-9d56-81b80bfc6494_abc-bachelor-in-paradise-cast-2The drama, scandals and love connections that we have in The Bachelor and Bachelorette have now gone tropical in ABC’s new series Bachelor in Paradise.

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After each member of the cast is welcomed Chris reveals that the women will be sent home this week in the rose ceremony because there are more women than there are men.

Lacy takes Robert right away and they head to the ocean where she gets all around him. The other women in the house are suprused at how aggressive she’s being.

Later while they are all at Dinner Marcus steps away and heads to the ocean. He reveals he’s still not over Andi Dorfman from his days on The Bachelorette. Lacy sees that Marcus is there and she runs to join him.  Some of the women are talking that Lacy is being trashy because she’s now gone off with 2 men in the span of the day.

The next day Ashlee is having some one-on-one with Graham and they are going to the beach. She lets him know that the only reason she’s on the show is because she wanted to see him and have some time with him. He’s very shocked since they’ve never met before.

Clare receives the first date card she invites Graham to go on the date with her, he excitedly accepts. Ashlee is very upset and runs off that he has accepted her invite.

Clare discusses the situation with Ashlee and says that if she had known she wouldn’t have invited him. She lets her know that he’s all hers and that she’ll ask someone else and she invites Robert instead.

Rob and Clare take their date to the Mayan Ruins.

Later in the evening Lacy is upset that both of the men she’s been talking to have been spending time with other women.

A new houseguest, Michelle Money arrives and she has a date card. She says she needs to speak to Graham. They have a history from their time on Bachelor Pad.

For her date card Michelle Money askes Marquel if he will go on her date with her. They go horseback riding and Marquel reveals that he doesn’t have any past history of riding horses.

Lacy receives a date card and has trouble deciding who to take. She ends up choosing Robert which hurts Marcus a little bit. Some of the other men give Marcus a pep talk and tell him that he needs to play hard to get.

For this series first rose ceremony it didn’t disappoint! We are now at 8 women and 6 men so two women will be leaving at the end of the ceremony. Michelle Kujawa interrupts the beginning of the ceremony and says that she hasn’t made a connection with anyone and she pulls herself from the show. After, the rose ceremony begins. Marquel gives his rose to Michelle Money, Graham gives his to Ashlee. Dylan gives to Elise, Marcus gives his rose to Lacey and Robert chooses Clare. Ben is left to end the ceremony choosing between Sarah and Daniella. Sarah receives the last rose and Daniella is the first eliminated from Bachelor in Paradise.

What did you all think of the new series? Are you a fan of the format? LEt me know in the comments below!


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